What Does it Take to Pluck a Bunny part 1

First You Need A Really Fuzzy Bunny!

I get so many questions about harvesting fiber from Angora Rabbits.

  • Are the bunnies Killed? No!
  • Are the bunnies hurt? No!
  • Do they like it? Mostly!

Angora rabbits have been bred for fiber production. They likely would not survive in the wild without their human friends taking care of their special needs. They need a high protein diet, digestive enzymes, cool temperatures, and constant grooming to name a few.

Once you have a very fuzzy bunny, like Charlie here, you are ready to harvest. The first question is how? Their are 2 popular methods: Plucking and Shearing. I pluck, though it is much more time consuming. The end product is worth all the work. Shorn angora has blunt ends and spins very differently. I also enjoy the time with my bunnies, so I pluck.

Get comfy… This is going to take a while! Plucking an angora rabbit can be done in 2 – 3 hours or over the course of a couple of days. I get most of it done on day one, and then finish up in a few days.

So, put a pot of tea on, get a comfy chair and all your tools. You will need: scissors, cat comb with wide teeth, and nail trimming scissors. These are the basics. You may need to combat static, so some mild lotion or a spray bottle of water for your hands might be good too. I use a 50/50 mixture of Skin So Soft and water in a sprayer. For me, not the bunny!

Check back later and we will get started!


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