Pluck a Bunny part III

 Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what angora bunnies are made of.  Meet another one of my fluffy bunnies.  This is Spice.  

Spice is new to my Funny Farm.. I mean Bunny Farm.  She is a delightful addition. 

This was Spice’s first time being plucked.  Previously she had been shorn.  She was such a good girl though, but I took things slow and didn’t pluck her completely.  With a new rabbit, you want to take things slow.  Monitor how she is feeling about the experience.  Keep your work sessions short and frequent.  That way you can get used to eachother and the grooming experience. 

Plucking time is also the time to take care of other grooming chores, such as nail trimming.  Only cut the tip of the nail, not into the dark part.  If you cut to much your bunny will bleed.  Not trimming nails will be dangerous for whoever handles the bunny and to the bunny herself.  They can easily rip a nail off by getting it caught in the cage floor wire.


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