Babies are fun, and babies are work! 

Did you know that baby bunnies, known as Kits, only nurse from their moms once a day for about 3 minutes?  It is true!  Most rabbit breeders remove the nesting box from the mother’s cage and only return it so the babies can nurse.  This helps prevent accidental death from aggressive moms and from babies being accidentally knocked out of the nest.

Here is a picture of Pearl’s litter at 4 days old.  They are starting to get hair.  It looks like there will be 3 white and one broken (spotted).  I assume the whites will be ruby eyed whites as that is what Pearl is.  Blue Eyed Whites are very rare, though we do have some in our rabbitry.  It is amazing how quickly they develop.  The original photos posted were at 3 days old.  This is 4 1/2 days and they are already growing and even starting to hop.

In contrast to these little pinkies, take a look at Happy Ears.  She is a 9 week old English Angora.



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