Grand Opening Update

The weather was perfect for the Grand Opening of Yarn 2 Spin @ The Nut House and all the Nut House Shops. The concept of the store may seem a little odd at first… Here is the jist of it.

We own a building that was previously the office of one Dr. James Nutt. A rather eccentric man who practiced alternative medicine that made him even more of a local character. We bought the building 3 years ago and rehabbed the whole thing. People continued to come to us with stories of the Doctor and the building. So, in attempting to honor local lore, we have kept the name that the indigenous people have always called the building…. “The Nut House”. It probably fits though, since we are all a little looney.

So the shops at The Nut House consist of: “The Bargain Basement” thrift store, “The Green Village” fair and ethical trade gift shop, and “Yarn 2 Spin” fiber artisan store.

The Grand Opening featured spinning demonstrations and lots of bunnies to pet. The babies even made an appearance and had their first nibble of grass.

Here are some photos:


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