Congratulations to Princess Rose and Potion on the birth of their litter of 9 (yes I said 9) kits.

This is Roses’ first litter and she seems to be doing well.  In preparation for her babies, she plucked just about every hair off her body to make a comfy nest.  She looks pretty funny with just a thin layer of fuzz.  But that is what a good Mom does… stretch marks, thunder thighs… what we don’t do for our kids. 

Rose was very close to being labeled an old maid.  This was the last attempt at breeding and if Potion had not been able to woo her with his manly magic, she would have been retired to the status of wooler at the ripe old age of 13 months.  As it is, we have a beautiful litter of kits and we should see some nice colors out of this batch.

Deposits are being taken now for buns from this litter.

1 Day Old English Angoras

1 Day Old English Angoras


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