How to Pluck a Bunny Part IV

I know it has been a while since I began this series on plucking…. but things have been so busy with the babies that I just never have time to get back to it.  You can look at the archives to get the beginning of this blog line.

OK, we talked about when to pluck and how to pluck… now I’d like to talk about where to pluck!

Like I said before, this can take a while, so get comfy.  So my favorite place to pluck is in my living room.  Maybe with a movie… maybe just with the family around.  Problem #1  Plucking is messy business.  See photo illustration:

My pants after plucking 2 buns!
My pants after plucking 2 buns!

Problem #2:  The chair looks about the same!

My husband does not like my choice of where to pluck.  I do try to use a lint brush and things, but let’s face it, there is always more hair.  Soon you have hair on the sofa, hair on the carpets, more on the floor and even in your dinner.  I can’t seem to help it though.  I have tried to pluck outside.  I get a nice chair and sit in the shade with a glass of tea, but the wind blows and there goes all my lovely angora. 
So, where you pluck is up to you.  You may need a marriage counselor at this point. 
A couple of other notes about plucking: 
Bunny Boredom:  Each animal is different and has a unique personality.  I just love Sparticus.  He is the dad to the lovely French Angora buns.  He sits great and sticks his head between my arm and my waist…. at least for a while.  Then he gets bored with being plucked and he starts digging.  If I ignore his boredom, he has been known to give me a little nibble.  Most of my buns can take an hour of grooming, but then need a break. 
Bunny Bathroom Breaks:  I rarely have anyone have an accident on me… but every once in a while it happens.  I think it may be part of the bunny boredom.
Get more fiber:  Many people prefer to shear because they get more fiber.  Though plucking gives a higher quality product, you will get less fiber.  One thing I do is combine plucking with combing.  I do get and extra .5 to 1 oz off each rabbit.  I know one lady that only combs.  She takes about a month and combs daily adding to the bag of fiber for that bunny.  At the end of the month, she has about 4 oz of fiber from an english and the quality is lovely.  I don’t have the patience to wait a month, but give it a try.

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