This is ‘To Dye For’!

Saturday I did my first fiber dyeing project.  I learned a lot and had some fun and came out with some great dyed roving. 

I decided to try and make something colorful with as few dyes as possible.  Since dyes can be pricey, I thought I’d work with just the primary colors.  AND since I sell kits with the primary colors, I thought I should know how they actually work.

There are many different ways to dye roving, but I decided I wanted a variegated roving with a rainbow blend of the primary colors.  My 7th grade science teacher taught me about prisms and the colors of the rainbow with the acronym… “Roy G Biv”  Mr. Biv is the key to remembering the colors of the rainbow.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.  Primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue.  The other colors are made by a blend of the primary.

I placed a long piece of saran wrap on my kitchen counter and put the roving on top.  (Please note that one must take care when using acid dyes as they can be toxic.  Use seperate utensils and containers for dyeing and food prep)  I started with the red dye at one end and the over lapped the yellow and then the blue.  I folded the saran wrap over the roving to make a long tube, and gentley squeezed the tube to make sure the dye soaked the entire roving.  Then I laid the roving in a zig zag pattern in the bottom of a casserole dish and microwaved for 7 minutes.  Let cool and unwrap and dry.


It was fun and pretty easy.  A bit messy though.  Use plastic gloves and paper to protect your counter.  Dyes are colorfast and will stain.

Try this kit to make your own dyed yarn. 

Primary Colored Yarn Dyeing Kit

Primary Colored Yarn Dyeing Kit


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