Where’s Pearl????

Pearl? Has anyone seen Pearl??
We had her in the house just a few days ago for grooming. I remember it clearly because she was such a little dear that day. It was as if she would have been content to stay inside and be combed all day.

Well, it is cold outside and her hutch is in a drafty spot. That is why I had asked my son to move her in with the junior does. They have such a roomy hutch and Pearl is so gentle, they always get along in the play yard.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…. Where’s Pearl?
So I go out to visit the buns and look in the big hutch with the junior does. There’s Happy Ears, Cocoa, Princess Rose, and Sugar. Sugar??? what is she doing in there. She has a nice cozy hutch of her own and besides, she is recovering from an eye infection and we wouldn’t want that to spread now would we.

JOSHUA!!! Why is Sugar in with the girls and WHERE IS PEARL??

Ok, try to remain calm. Pearl is so sweet and yes she is supposed to be bred to Sparticus this week…. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed if we can’t find his bride…. Check all the hutches…. Could she still be in the house under the sofa???? Not for 4 days! She likes to lounge in the middle of the floor, not hide under the sofa. mumble mumble mumble. This is what happens when I let the kids do the chores and I don’t check on them myself. mumble mumble.

OK Josh. Tell me step by step what you did with Pearl when I asked you to put her in with the does…..

What? You put her where??

Well, Pearl is found, but I am afraid that Sparticus is still going to be disappointed. Pearl was in with the junior bucks, not the does. I know they are young, but they had 4 days to figure it out…. So it looks like the Yarn 2 Spin Funny Bunny Farm may have just had it’s first accidental breeding.

Now, what am I supposed to tell Sparticus?

Pearl is Found

Pearl is Found


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