Adventures in Hemp!

Today I began spinning the custom order for hemp yarn.  Well, it spins pretty well and I am getting a nice consistant and thin thread.  I haven’t decided yet whether to make a 2 ply yarn or to navajoy ply it into a 3 ply.  I like the navajo ply so much, but I think I want to keep this yarn pretty thin.

One thing that I did do was blend the hemp with a bit of nylon to add strength and elasticity.  If I were looking only for the strenth, I probably would have stayed with a vegetable fiber like Tencel to make it a truely vegan yarn.

Custom orders are always welcome at Yarn2Spin.  Or try this yourself.  Follow this link to my etsy store where you can find hemp, flax, bamboo, tencel and other veggie fibers.


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