The Dust Bunnies are Multiplying!!!

Those who know me know that I am not the worlds greatest housekeeper.  Why dust when you can spin or knit or read or something far more enjoyable.  But this has gone too far!  The dust bunnies are truely multiplying at my house.

We’ve had quite a cold snap here in Michigan and one of my French Angora bunnies, Mocha, was expected to have babies… so I brought her in the house.  All of the cages were covered in ice and snow, so I made a little home for her in an empty Rubbermaid tote and put it in my daughter Caity’s room to keep her safe from the dog and cats. 

Wednesday night I check on Mocha and all was well.  Thursday morning I opened the door to Cait’s room and saw Mocha dash under the bed.  Oh my!  I thought.  I’m late for work and now I have to try and fish a bunny out from under the bed. 

Well, I sent little Caity under the bed to get Mocha.  All of a sudden the exclaims “a bunny! a bunny!  It’s a baby bunny!”  As you know… wherever there is one dust bunny, there are usually more.  So I made my husband go underthe bed for the dust bunny extraction.  Mocha had delivered a litter of 4 little dust bunnies under Caity’s bed.

Mom and kits have now been relocated to a cage in the kitchen and the little buns are safely in the nesting box.  Mocha is taking very good care of them and doesn’t seem to mind that we had to remove them from their original home.

I hope to keep a doe and a buck from this litter because they have an excellent bloodline.  If you are interested in reserving a rabbit from this or from future litters, please email me at

Mocha Keeps Watch Over Her Dust Bunnies

4 Little Dust Bunnies!
4 Little Dust Bunnies!

One thought on “The Dust Bunnies are Multiplying!!!

  1. frenchmum

    So sweet! I love bunnies! I would have several if I didn’t have a dog. We had a flopped eared bunny in the past. What a character. Have fun with all those beautiful bunnies!


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