The New Shop is Open (Mostly!)

You know when a big project seems like it won’t be that big… and it turns out to be even bigger than you’d imagined possible?  Well, that is what it is like moving a fiber artisan store and studio into your home.

My family was tired of my being gone so much and we had a buyer for our commercial building… so why not move the business to the house.  After all, we live downtown and we have plenty of room… maybe I can offer more hours and expand my product line too. 

I picture my kids helping me wind skeins of yarn and card roving.  We all sit in a circle by the fire and spin on Sunday afternoon.  The dog lays peacefully at my feet and my dining room is always ready to receive guests and students.


First I have to make a space.  The side porch is perfect.  It is light and breezy and actually bigger than the space I had before.  It is also a major disaster area as it has served as our families catch all for the last 5 years. 

Then there is the parking.  My husband’s collection of junker cars has got to go!  (This is the good part!) Woo Hoo!!

Now we are in the middle of moving and organizing.  I took a few pictures after stage one and posted them on the website.

At this moment I have had a relapse with a sudden onslaught of stuff brought from the old location.  It arrived faster than I could put it away.  But hopefully by Thursday, the next Knit -n- Spin, I’ll be ready for the public once again.

Find out when we meet at  Class schedules too!


See the New Selection of Michigan Made Shepherd’s Wool yarn!!




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