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By Popular Demand!!! Pics of my buns!

Well, what did you think I meant??

11 days old and Eyes Open

The babies are now 11 days old and their eyes are open, just a tad. I cleaned their moms cage today and took them out for a while to see how they are developing. It is just amazing to me that they are already getting a personality.

The little black one is very energetic. He is definitely the fastest. The bigger fawn one has long slender ears and head. He is very strong and vigorous. The little fawn one has weak floppy ears and a round head. The smallest and most delicate of the three.

Exploring the Nest.

Exploring the Nest.

What's Up Doc?

What's Up Doc?

The Dust Bunnies are Multiplying!!!

Those who know me know that I am not the worlds greatest housekeeper.  Why dust when you can spin or knit or read or something far more enjoyable.  But this has gone too far!  The dust bunnies are truely multiplying at my house.

We’ve had quite a cold snap here in Michigan and one of my French Angora bunnies, Mocha, was expected to have babies… so I brought her in the house.  All of the cages were covered in ice and snow, so I made a little home for her in an empty Rubbermaid tote and put it in my daughter Caity’s room to keep her safe from the dog and cats. 

Wednesday night I check on Mocha and all was well.  Thursday morning I opened the door to Cait’s room and saw Mocha dash under the bed.  Oh my!  I thought.  I’m late for work and now I have to try and fish a bunny out from under the bed. 

Well, I sent little Caity under the bed to get Mocha.  All of a sudden the exclaims “a bunny! a bunny!  It’s a baby bunny!”  As you know… wherever there is one dust bunny, there are usually more.  So I made my husband go underthe bed for the dust bunny extraction.  Mocha had delivered a litter of 4 little dust bunnies under Caity’s bed.

Mom and kits have now been relocated to a cage in the kitchen and the little buns are safely in the nesting box.  Mocha is taking very good care of them and doesn’t seem to mind that we had to remove them from their original home.

I hope to keep a doe and a buck from this litter because they have an excellent bloodline.  If you are interested in reserving a rabbit from this or from future litters, please email me at

Mocha Keeps Watch Over Her Dust Bunnies

4 Little Dust Bunnies!
4 Little Dust Bunnies!

Where’s Pearl????

Pearl? Has anyone seen Pearl??
We had her in the house just a few days ago for grooming. I remember it clearly because she was such a little dear that day. It was as if she would have been content to stay inside and be combed all day.

Well, it is cold outside and her hutch is in a drafty spot. That is why I had asked my son to move her in with the junior does. They have such a roomy hutch and Pearl is so gentle, they always get along in the play yard.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…. Where’s Pearl?
So I go out to visit the buns and look in the big hutch with the junior does. There’s Happy Ears, Cocoa, Princess Rose, and Sugar. Sugar??? what is she doing in there. She has a nice cozy hutch of her own and besides, she is recovering from an eye infection and we wouldn’t want that to spread now would we.

JOSHUA!!! Why is Sugar in with the girls and WHERE IS PEARL??

Ok, try to remain calm. Pearl is so sweet and yes she is supposed to be bred to Sparticus this week…. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed if we can’t find his bride…. Check all the hutches…. Could she still be in the house under the sofa???? Not for 4 days! She likes to lounge in the middle of the floor, not hide under the sofa. mumble mumble mumble. This is what happens when I let the kids do the chores and I don’t check on them myself. mumble mumble.

OK Josh. Tell me step by step what you did with Pearl when I asked you to put her in with the does…..

What? You put her where??

Well, Pearl is found, but I am afraid that Sparticus is still going to be disappointed. Pearl was in with the junior bucks, not the does. I know they are young, but they had 4 days to figure it out…. So it looks like the Yarn 2 Spin Funny Bunny Farm may have just had it’s first accidental breeding.

Now, what am I supposed to tell Sparticus?

Pearl is Found

Pearl is Found

How to Pluck a Bunny Part IV

I know it has been a while since I began this series on plucking…. but things have been so busy with the babies that I just never have time to get back to it.  You can look at the archives to get the beginning of this blog line.

OK, we talked about when to pluck and how to pluck… now I’d like to talk about where to pluck!

Like I said before, this can take a while, so get comfy.  So my favorite place to pluck is in my living room.  Maybe with a movie… maybe just with the family around.  Problem #1  Plucking is messy business.  See photo illustration:

My pants after plucking 2 buns!
My pants after plucking 2 buns!

Problem #2:  The chair looks about the same!

My husband does not like my choice of where to pluck.  I do try to use a lint brush and things, but let’s face it, there is always more hair.  Soon you have hair on the sofa, hair on the carpets, more on the floor and even in your dinner.  I can’t seem to help it though.  I have tried to pluck outside.  I get a nice chair and sit in the shade with a glass of tea, but the wind blows and there goes all my lovely angora. 
So, where you pluck is up to you.  You may need a marriage counselor at this point. 
A couple of other notes about plucking: 
Bunny Boredom:  Each animal is different and has a unique personality.  I just love Sparticus.  He is the dad to the lovely French Angora buns.  He sits great and sticks his head between my arm and my waist…. at least for a while.  Then he gets bored with being plucked and he starts digging.  If I ignore his boredom, he has been known to give me a little nibble.  Most of my buns can take an hour of grooming, but then need a break. 
Bunny Bathroom Breaks:  I rarely have anyone have an accident on me… but every once in a while it happens.  I think it may be part of the bunny boredom.
Get more fiber:  Many people prefer to shear because they get more fiber.  Though plucking gives a higher quality product, you will get less fiber.  One thing I do is combine plucking with combing.  I do get and extra .5 to 1 oz off each rabbit.  I know one lady that only combs.  She takes about a month and combs daily adding to the bag of fiber for that bunny.  At the end of the month, she has about 4 oz of fiber from an english and the quality is lovely.  I don’t have the patience to wait a month, but give it a try.


In the world of bunnies, you can sometimes see a family resemblance, and sometimes…. not!  Of course as a breeder, I love the variety of colors that we can get in a litter.  Princess Rose’s litter is a good example of that.  We have 2 white, 2 chocolate, 2 agouti, and a black.  But take a look at these two sibblings.  Born to the same litter.  I call them brothers, though I don’t yet know their gender.  They just remind me of a big and little brother.  Sorry for the picture quality.  These little ones are so fast it is very difficult to point and shoot before they hop away.