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Knitting For The Troops!

My grandma taught me to crochet when I was just a wee thing…. but knitting, I learnt from a book and I am still in the early stages of learning. I have a motivation though that seems to surpass my reluctance and fear and makes me grasp needles in hand and go forth with confidence. His name is Jeremiah and he is serving our country in Afghanistan.

Our church knitting group, The Shiloh Knit Wits, is knitting for the troops. I gathered patterns and discounted yarn for the occasion. But actually knitting something is a bit trickier. So I started with a simple scarf. Uncle Sam wants it to be 12″ x 42″ in any stitch other than stockinette. So here is my garter stitch scarf.

Scarf being made for the troops!

I just love the way this Shepherd’s Wool yarn is knitting up. It is so soft and knits so great. This scarf is made in ‘Storm’. There are several Shepherd’s Wool colors that are approved by the military for the troops. If you want to knit for the troops, just remember that the wool must be 100% animal wool. I like the Shepherd’s Wool because it is made in Michigan and is the softest wool yarn I’ve ever experienced. Yarn 2 Spin is proud to offer Shepherd’s Wool yarn at a discounted price if you are knitting for the troops. Just let me know.

Knitting For The Troops

My church knitting group is going to knit helmet liners for the troops serving in the war. I am very excited about this since my son-in-law is in Afghanistan at this moment. I want him to have everything he needs, and of course the very best of what he needs.

I was given a pattern and looked it over. It was a poor copy so I got online and tried to find a good pdf to download so that I could have a nice clean copy to pass along to others as well. What I found was a lot of frustration.
The pattern I was given had outdated information. Based on feedback from the troops, they are no longer accepting the crocheted version of the helmet liner, which is what I had planned to make. They also no longer want the olive drab color as it doesn’t work with the dessert uniforms. Online, The majority of the links went to a geocities site that is no longer in service.
So I thought I would share the info I have and hopefully save you some time and effort and make sure that the troops are getting what they need.

First – Citizen Sam is the best website to use!! There are patterns and pictures availalble for all the project that are currently being worked on. This is also where you will mail your finished projects.

Please note that only 100% wool yarn can be used!!  This can be any animal wool – sheep, llama, alpaca, cashmere, etc… But it should be soft as it will be right against the soldiers face.   I know it is tempting to use cheap yarn since you are doing this for charity, but please remember that these men are giving their best.  Let’s give them ours.  Acrylic yarn can melt to their face in a bad situation.  Wool is naturally flame retardent.

I personally am using Shepherd’s Wool Brand yarn.  It is 100% merino wool and is made in the USA.  It is very very soft and easy to work with.  These are the approved colors that are available.

To help get more of the very best to the troops, I am offering a discounted package.  It includes 2 skeins of approved colored Shepherd’s Wool yarn and the patterns from the Citizen Sam website.  These are large, 250 yard skeins and it should be just enough to make 2 helmet liners and 1 neck gator. 

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